Having my life together

Budget for finances

I apologize in advance that this is a rant.

I want to address a situation that is going on in life. My life is together. I was approached that i did not have my life together by living with family. Then after making a statement about being financially stable, I was approached on not being emotionally or mentally stable and i should be in 15 more relationships to realize it.

Here is where I stand on this matter. I live with my parents. If I did not, all of us would be on the streets. I help with rent to stay. I do chores. I pay for my own phone, my car paymen, car insurance (which is paid in full for the 6 months), life insurance, gas, rent, and student loans (which start next year).

I also am trying to get myself back into school. While living with parents, it helps that i would only need to pay tuition/get student loans/ get financial aid. I wouldn’t need to pay for a dorm or apartment just yet. I know eventually i will need to move out. I plan on doing so when I go for my masters in about 3 years once i get back into school.

With being emotionally and mentally unstable, yes I have a problem. So does everyone else. I get attached to people easily and I fall hard. Right now I only have 1 relationship that I have been in for 4 years. It is the only one I need. I may need the attention and physical contact since my relationship at the moment is long distance. Some say being Poly is an excuse. It is not. I may not be mentally stable, but to me it comes from past relationships or past friendships that have failed me.

In addition, I can take care of children, be clean from drugs, have a clean record. I placed my own child for adoption due to the fact I knew I was not stable at the time. I take care of the children I babysit, I would do anything to have my own child now because of taking care of children around the same age. My child was not taken away from me, i do not have a drug addiction, I do not jump from place to place, I do not jump from job to job. In the 10 years I have had relationships, i have had 10 relationships. That is an average of 1 a year. 2 of those relationships have been 4 years. I have waited on marriage to make sure I don’t make a stupid move.

So my point is, yes, I know i am financially stable but can be unstable emotionally and mentally. And it is okay. I have the friends and family I need to help me through it. I also have gone to counseling for 2 years and have wanted to go back, but due to covid, that has been on pause.


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Mother to a 6 year old boy, college student, babysitter, lover to writing and reading.

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