Relationship and Friendship

Reading done for relationship

So recently in January of 2021, I had a bit of a fall out with a good friend of mine whom I had wish many times for a relationship. It came to a point where I got lead on and both of us got hurt. Well, I had asked for a relationship reading done before the incident in this one group on Facebook. The reader ended up doing the actual reading the morning after the incident with the friend. The reading hit me hard and was so true to where I really need to focus on myself and the friendships that I have instead of trying to find and seek attention for love. I have came to terms with many people in my life that I have seeked for their affection and attention, been able to come to terms that all I need is their friendship and support. I just need to let the affections and attention come on its own when the time is right and have the friends help me keep myself focused on making myself better and to have me love myself over having someone love me. We all may seem like we need that special someone in our lives so we don’t feel so alone, but sometimes being alone for the time being is what needs to happen and having friends will help fill a little bit of that lonely void. You can have 1 friend or 20 friends, just as long as they are there for you and to support you in life and to help you stay on track. I am one who cares about others and can care too much as well as get attached to someone quickly. This reading is a huge blessing and one that I will keep with me forever.


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Mother to a 6 year old boy, college student, babysitter, lover to writing and reading.

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