Hanging while working

I have noticed something while working and having friendships. Most of my friends aren’t keen on children. My work consists of babysitting children and I am able to go out with them. I try to see if friends would like to hang out while children are playing and I by myself at a park. I have noticed most friends giving me excuses not to hang out instead of just telling me they don’t like children. I give chances on hanging out while I am out with the children, but it seems to me I am losing friends. There are times I can’t hang out while I don’t work, so I try to make the best of what I can do. If friends are there for you, they would hang out regardless of children there or not. I feel like this is something common with others who have friends that dont have children.


Published by kathleenchester1

Mother to a 6 year old boy, college student, babysitter, lover to writing and reading.

One thought on “Hanging while working

  1. If they can’t be bothered to hang out with you because they don’t like children or because they make x,y, and z excuses, then they don’t sound like they were good friends in the first place.
    Often times, we make friends out of proximity or similar interests, whether that’s school, church, clubs etc. but that’s where the similarities end. I’ve noticed that people often drift over time or their lives take a completely different turn, thus making the similarities we once had obsolete. It’s probably more worthwhile to hang out with people who you know will likely say yes, and spend less time with the ones who share very little in common. I like to think that losing friends just means more opportunities to make new friends with similar interests and values 🌺


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