Relationship and Friendship

Reading done for relationship

So recently in January of 2021, I had a bit of a fall out with a good friend of mine whom I had wish many times for a relationship. It came to a point where I got lead on and both of us got hurt. Well, I had asked for a relationship reading done before the incident in this one group on Facebook. The reader ended up doing the actual reading the morning after the incident with the friend. The reading hit me hard and was so true to where I really need to focus on myself and the friendships that I have instead of trying to find and seek attention for love. I have came to terms with many people in my life that I have seeked for their affection and attention, been able to come to terms that all I need is their friendship and support. I just need to let the affections and attention come on its own when the time is right and have the friends help me keep myself focused on making myself better and to have me love myself over having someone love me. We all may seem like we need that special someone in our lives so we don’t feel so alone, but sometimes being alone for the time being is what needs to happen and having friends will help fill a little bit of that lonely void. You can have 1 friend or 20 friends, just as long as they are there for you and to support you in life and to help you stay on track. I am one who cares about others and can care too much as well as get attached to someone quickly. This reading is a huge blessing and one that I will keep with me forever.

Hanging while working

I have noticed something while working and having friendships. Most of my friends aren’t keen on children. My work consists of babysitting children and I am able to go out with them. I try to see if friends would like to hang out while children are playing and I by myself at a park. I have noticed most friends giving me excuses not to hang out instead of just telling me they don’t like children. I give chances on hanging out while I am out with the children, but it seems to me I am losing friends. There are times I can’t hang out while I don’t work, so I try to make the best of what I can do. If friends are there for you, they would hang out regardless of children there or not. I feel like this is something common with others who have friends that dont have children.

Well being, friendships, and relationships

As of lately, the virus has everyone on a panic. For me, all I want is for everyone to be healthy, so then I can see friends and my girlfriend.

We all need to keep ourselves healthy to keep those who are dear to us healthy. Well being is a big part of our every day life. Just as friendships and relationships.

Friendships are important in life to me because what is life when all you do is things by yourself. Things are better with friends and family.

Relationships are also important. We must have trust, honesty, and respect. All three are important in having a healthy relationship. But only if both sides of the relationship has all three of the traits. I just learned that all three traits are important in a relationship from my new girlfriend.

All of these will help in a better and happier life.

Girlfriend Daisy and I. Photo by me.

Trying to relax before the writing starts again

I know it has been some time since the last time I posted. Things have become busy for me and I have just now been able to relax just a little. I did a post about self care and that’s what I am trying to do again. My life has been very busy and stressful and I guess a way to help before I start to write again is by playing video games. It doesn’t help though when a little cat that is tired wants to sleep on my hand as I play. I know once I start to write again, she will do the same. I adore that she helps me relax, but things do need to get done. Sorry for the rambling. But my point is, no matter what, try and relax before doing something that will take time out of your day.

Self healing

I know that my blog is normally to be about creative writing, but I wanted to make this post about self healing. We all need to take the time to take care of ourselves and put aside the big and small things in life that can make us not take care of ourselves. I have had to step aside from writing and had to take care of me for a few days. I won’t be writing till next week because of the holiday of Thanksgiving with the family. Hope you all take care of yourselves and become healthy.

Day 6 of NaNo

My words counts for NaNo

As a week draws near for us who are doing NaNo, some of us may be struggling. I am just barely pushing through. I do want to say to those who are struggling to just write and worry about word count near the end of the day. Just keep typing away and leave word count till the end. That is one thing that has helped me out is to never worry on word count till you have about a few hours left in the day.


Me and my amazing Canadian friend

I wanted to start off with this next blog to talk about long distance/online friendships. I have many friends that I contact with on social media or through texting. There is one friend who I met through social media and we became penpals. We send each other holiday and birthday cards and snail mail. Just this year, this friend and her husband came from Canada on a business trip and stopped by for a visit. I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the visit. The one thing that I have learned from this visit and this friend is to never give up on the friendships that you have, no matter the distance, there my become a time that you will meet in the future…..I also met two other social media friends about 5 years prior to this friend from Canada. It is wonders on who you meet online to meet in real life.

Prepping for NaNo

October is at an end and some writers are preparing for NaNoWriMo. As a writer myself, I have done NaNo for 2 previous years, this being my 3rd year. I have learned never to give up and to just keep writing no matter what writing blocks happen, even if it is not about the book you are writing, every word counts. This November will be a busy one as writers join together to get their goals accomplished.