Well being, friendships, and relationships

As of lately, the virus has everyone on a panic. For me, all I want is for everyone to be healthy, so then I can see friends and my girlfriend.

We all need to keep ourselves healthy to keep those who are dear to us healthy. Well being is a big part of our every day life. Just as friendships and relationships.

Friendships are important in life to me because what is life when all you do is things by yourself. Things are better with friends and family.

Relationships are also important. We must have trust, honesty, and respect. All three are important in having a healthy relationship. But only if both sides of the relationship has all three of the traits. I just learned that all three traits are important in a relationship from my new girlfriend.

All of these will help in a better and happier life.

Girlfriend Daisy and I. Photo by me.

Published by kathleenchester1

Mother to a 4 year old boy, college student, babysitter, lover to writing and reading.

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